All The Best is a weekly radio show produced at FBi Radio in Sydney and broadcast nationally via the Community Radio Network. Telling stories in a variety of different forms since 2010, picking a theme each week and using short form documentary, personal narrative, interviews, and fiction to tell our stories.

Pot of Gold

What would you do if you won $12,000 on Deal or No Deal? This is the story of one man who spent his gameshow winnings on the purchase of camels, in order to find a rather metaphysical Pot of Gold: a bit of adventure in his life. Armed with four friends, three camels and not much preparation, Nathan Carter set off walking from Perth to Melbourne across the desert— and found much more than he’d bargained for.

Originally produced for FBI’s All The Best program,
Produced by Fiona Pepper.
Supervising Producers: Belinda Lopez and Giordana Caputo.
Sound design by Belinda Lopez.
Documentary audio recorded by Leon Bryant.
Music credits: ‘Bees’ by Caribou; ‘Hello Hammerheads’ by Caribou; ‘Darlin’ Won’t You Come’ by Bob Evans; ‘Tears’ by Django Reinhardt; ‘Sirtaki à Helsinki’ by René Aubry.

The Boys from Woodville

On the 26th June of 2014, two students of Woodville High School in Adelaide were taken from their homes and put in a detention centre in Darwin. I spoke to the school principal, Meredith Edwards, students of the school, Brad Chilcott, director of Welcome to Australia and human rights lawyer Julian Burnside to get the full story.

Music by Neo Pitso and Kyle Rigney – Bring Them Home (Run Away)
Assistant Produced by Chris Tait

Beards, and The Men Who Love Them

There are people on the Internet who fetishise beards. Melbourne photographer Jackson Eaton happened to have exactly the kind of beard that they wanted.

Produced for FBI’s All The Best program.
Produced by Fiona Pepper.
Sound design by Belinda Lopez.
Music credits: ‘Ecstasy of Dancing Fleas’ by Penguin Cafe Orchestra; ‘Warwick Pro Series Star Bass 5‘ by Bass People Sydney; ’I’ve Still Got My Beard’ by The Beards.

Gifts on a Buddhist’s Birthday

What would you want for your 60th birthday? Grandchildren? Retirement? This story is about a man who chose an entirely different path when he turned 60. Much to the surprise of his friends and family he decided to join a Buddhist Monastery and become a monk, despite never having practiced Buddhism before.
What consequences does that sort of decision have on your family life? Is it a noble act or is simply shirking responsibilities? Fifteen years on Ekagatta is still a practicing Buddhist, and we hear from him and his daughter, Lorien about this drastic life change.

Produced by Fiona Pepper
Photography by Nicola Bailey
Music from -Pshaw and John Moran Saori Excerpt II

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