The women who were determined to walk

The women who were determined to walk

There are more than a thousand walking groups throughout Australia, but not many are over 100-years-old.

In Victoria, the Melbourne Walking Club—a men’s only walking group—began in 1894 and it soon gave rise to another.

Most weekends, this gentlemen’s club would set out on overnight adventures to discover remote parts of Victoria.

Equally as intrepid were the wives and girlfriends of the members of the Melbourne Walking Club.

So by 1922 the Melbourne Women’s Walking Club was established—wearing ankle length skirts and carrying heavy packs, women explored dense areas of Victoria’s bushland.

Today, both clubs still exist, each with a couple of hundred members.

Step out with both groups, to hear the history of the clubs and why up until recently the clubs remained segregated.

This program aired on Radio National’s Off Track.