Radio Documentary

Vanuatu’s stolen generation

150 years ago thousands of young men were taken from the Pacific Islands. Today the scars are still being felt.

Labradoodle of regret

Meet the man, Wally Conron who invented the labradoodle and now lives with regret.

The curse of the plastic nurdle

Follow a tiny grain of plastic  as it travels on ocean currents from South Africa to Western Australia.

Bedtime stories from prison

Around a half of Australia’s prisoners are also parents, how do they maintain a relationship with their kids?

Antarctica, the Big Dead Place

When a young man headed to Antarctica he imagined adventures but he found something completely different.

The true cost of interpretation

Life in Afghanistan is dangerous, but if you’ve worked as an interpreter, you’re even more of a target.

Yackandandah’s angel of the bush

Glenda has dedicated her life caring for injured wildlife, this selfless woman is a force to be reckoned with.

Women who were determined to walk

In ankle length skirts and carrying heavy bags, the first women’s walking club began.

Penguins impossible to hate

The tiniest of Australia’s penguins were once victorious over a housing development at Phillip Island in Victoria.

Pipis and prejudice

Tyre slashing, vandalism and racially charged incidents are all part of the storm brewing Victorian coastal town.

Dining with Killer Whales

Imagine a place in the broad blue expanse where you could reliably see a pod of Orca, that place exists Australia.